Monday, December 31, 2012

What's the purpose of this blog?

Why do I think it's important to try new things?

I fear change. I'm not sure why. I guess because it's just uncomfortable. It's ridiculous but I tend to stay in my little Sarah-bubble and avoid new things. Part of this is personality, I'm sure. I'm quite introverted and a little on the shy side (at least until I get to know you). But most of it is just habit. I don't like to step outside my comfort zone. The past month or so I've been thinking that perhaps the more new things I try, the easier it will become to try or learn more new things. Besides, it's outside the comfort zone that growth occurs.

So for 2013, I'm bursting out of my bubble and will be trying and learning new things daily and blogging them right here for you to read. It could be something as small as ordering something new at a restaurant or even learning a new vocabulary word to bigger things like accomplishing some of the things on my bucket list and visiting some of the gorgeous areas around me that I just haven't bothered to go see.

Check back often (daily if possible!), you'll never know what you'll find here. :) Feel free to leave comments and share my posts with your friends! I welcome suggestions on new things to try/learn too!

Best wishes,