Wednesday, April 10, 2013

#71 - Allergy Testing

Yesterday I had a very new adventure and to be honest, I was scared about it. I know I have allergies. I've had big reactions to horses and rabbits. I also itch like crazy if I sit in grass. But I've never actually been allergy tested. Lately I've been breaking out in hives and so I was sent to have allergy testing since none of the allergy medicines have helped me.

I was afraid I was going to get stabbed with giant needles but the pokes on the back didn't really hurt at all. It was more like a little poke than an injection.The needle must be really short because I even wondered if it was a needle at all or just something that scratched me. This part of the testing didn't cause any bleeding. The poke isn't very deep at all. This test was done on my back instead of my arm.

Everything that tested negative at the low dose on my back was checked again at a higher dose on my arm. To do the higher dose, she had to inject it. This part of the test kinda hurt. It was like getting about 20 TB skin test injections!

Turns out I'm allergic to tons of things...mostly plants and animals but also dust mites and EGGS!  The egg allergy is tragic considering I eat a ton of eggs. :(

Here's my back after testing:

I start allergy shots next week or the week after (depends on when they get my custom shot ready) and hopefully in 6 months or so I'll be feeling much better. :)

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